Enterprise Networking

Comp 351-001/451-001 - Enterprise Networking, aka Network Management

Spring 2021, online, Dordal, Mondays 5:30-8:00 pm

Text: The primary text will be An Introduction to Computer Networks (free and online), by me.

Grading: There will be a midterm and a final (the midterm is sort of tentative at this point). My general course groundrules are here. Exams will count for between 70% to 80% of your grade, with homework and programs making up the rest. The final exam is the week of May 3. The midterm will probably be during the week of March 15.

Study materials

(These will be on Sakai; a draft of the midterm study guide is there now)

Course notes by class:

Class Readings
pre: before class      post: after class
  Class 1: Jan 25
post: TCP Reno (ch 19 & 20); high-bw problem (ch 21.6)
  Class 2: Feb 01

  Class 3: Feb 08

  Class 4: Feb 15

  Class 5: Feb 22

  Class 6: Mar 01

Spring Break
  Class 7: Mar 15

  Week 8: Mar 22

  Week 9: Mar 29

  Class 10: Apr 05

  Class 11: Apr 12

  Class 12: Apr 19
  Class 13: Apr 26


project1: Using tc and HTB

project2: Comparing TCP Reno and TCP Cubic

project3: HTTP packet sizes

project4: BGP hijacking and anycast

project5: Python and pcap files

Course description

The old version of this course was called "network management", and dealt with things like keeping tabs on all your switches and routers in order to know when to panic.

But while still keeping some elements of network "management", the course is being transformed into a second-semester networks course, with the new title eventually to be Enterprise Networking. We will cover some of the following things:

We're not going to do much programming (though there may be a Python program about SDN, and I'm in the process of writing a Python TCP implementation that I may have you make changes to).

You will be setting up several network configurations using Mininet.

SNMP and MIB Browsers

Here is where you can get the "free personal edition" of the iReasoning MIB Browser (the download links are at right). But I'm not sure yet if we'll use it.