Comp 305-001/488-305: Database Administration

Spring 2020: Mondays, 5:30-8:00

Week 1

Read the notes Introduction to Relational Databases

For those interested, here are references to Elmasri & Navathe (Chapter numberings are (7th edition)/(6th edition))

References to Elmasri & Navathe (EN). Chapter numberings are (7th edition)/(6th edition)
Course work:
Major concepts for this course (references are to Parts of EN)
  1. The basic relational-DB model, and SQL (part 2)
  2. DB modeling (part 3)
  3. Normalization & other design theory (part 6)
  4. internal DB structures (part 7)
  5. optimization & tuning (part 8)
  6. concurrency, locking, and transactions (part 9)

We will also cover a fair bit of DB administration, though that isn't always so directly in EN.

Uber and the switch from Postgres to MySQL

Introduction to Relational Databases
  1. Intro to multiple tables and SQL
  2. DBA tasks
  3. "Mongo is web scale". Yeah.
  4. Oracle, Postgres and MySQL
  5. Terminology; more about tables
  6. NoSQL
  7. SQL select
  8. SQL joins
  9. keys
  10. foreign keys
  11. Entity-Relation (ER) diagrams
  12. The Company DB
  13. Relational Math
  14. concepts: self-describing, transactions

Installation assignment:

    Install PostgreSQL on your own machine

Murder in SQL City

Also the walkthrough, which has some helpful suggestions (and in particular the ER diagram!)