Introduction to Computer Science

Comp 150-001, Spring 2019

MWF, 12:35-1:25, Crown 105

Texts: We will be using, primarily, the online Python tutorial, by Dr Andrew Harrington. There is also a collection of example programs at

There will be two in-class exams plus a final exam.The first exam is Feb 20. The final exam is Friday, May 3, at 9:00 am, though there will also be an option to take the exam on Sakai.

The labs and projects will be worth about 30-35% of your grade, with the exams making up 65-70%. The final will be worth a little more than the first two exams. Your scores on the labs and projects will, for the major part, be used as "extra credit" to boost the grade you would have received based on exams alone.

The TA is Robert Kania.

In Comp 150 we will consider some of the following topics:

We will use Python 3.x (generally the most recent, but any 3.x version will do), and the Idle environment. We'll go over installation during the first week of class.

Some projects will require the library. The installation instructions in this file are, in their entirety,

    INSTALLATION: Put this file somewhere where Python can see it.

The easiest approach is to copy the contents from the link above, open a new file in the same folder as your project, paste in the contents, and save it as Alternatively, you can figure out what system folder it can be placed in. The advantage of the latter approach is that if you create new Python project folders, you do not have to keep reinstalling

I was able to install centrally using the following command (in a terminal window). This requires that the python installer "pip" was properly installed on your system:

    pip3 install

You will also need the following line in each project file:

    from graphics import *


Week 1, Jan 14
Week 2, Jan 23
Week 3, Jan 28
Week 4, Feb 4
Week 5, Feb 11 (hw4)
Week 6, Feb 18
Week 7, Feb 25 (hw5)
March 4: Spring Break
Week 8, March 11 (lab 6: invaders) Week 9, March 18
Week 10, March 25 (lab 8: Melville and Austen) Week 11, April 1 (lab 9: networks)
Week 12, April 8 Week 13, April 15 (lab 10: health; no class 4/19)
Week 14, April 24 (no class 4/22) Final exam: Friday, May 3, 9:00-11:00

My general course groundrules are here.