Comp 150-001, MWF 12:35, Crown 105

Week 6

Exam 1: Wednesday, Feb 20

There is a study guide on Sakai, in the Resources folder. Solutions are there too. There is also a one-page Python summary that will be included with the exam.

The study guide

for and while loops; ranges
format statements
if/elif/else statements

Using strings and combining strings: s+t, s*3, but little indexing; no slicing or substrings

Graphics will not be on the exam.

"tricky" dictionary use, such as .format(**dict) (used in MadLibs) will not be used.

You should be generally familiar with for loops used with lists:

for item in theList:

However, list indexing (theList[i]) will not be on the exam.



parameterized smile: center top edge is at (0,0).

def smile(width, height, width2, height2, width3):
rightpoints = [Point(width,0), Point(width2, -height2), Point(width3, height)]
leftpoints = []
for p in rightpoints:
lp = Point(-p.getX(), p.getY())
leftpoints = [lp] + leftpoints
return Polygon(rightpoints + leftpoints)

bouncing balls