Network Management

Summer 2017, Corboy 205, TTh 5:30-8:45 pm

Class 7: July 25

Midterm study guide  (solutions are on Sakai)


Midterm news

There are two broad approaches to eliminating loops in a network:

We already saw the second approach in

Interconnection fabric:
3. Continuation with and
   TCP connections take trunk 1, 2, or 3, in sequence. setting link bandwidths assign new TCP connections to one of the trunks, in round-robin fashion via picktrunk().
Note that this requires matching on the IP addresses and TCP ports, as well as the Ethernet addresses.

Continuation with SNMP

Read, sections 21.1-21.11

Other ways of polling devices:

    ssh: limitations: lack of "universal" account
              lack of "limited" account
              doesn't work for most hubs/switches/non-hosts