Network Management

Summer 2017, Corboy 205, TTh 5:30-8:45 pm

Class 5: July 18


Here are some references to IntroNetworks:
Ethernet switching:
Spanning Tree:
Overview of distance-vector route-discovery (especially

Could we implement DV on an Ethernet? Why not?

Discussion of SDN and openflow:

The Pox section of AICN:

After class 4 you should read up through section 11 of

Basics of linux
Basics of Python:

1. Hot packet soup example:
        with and spanning_tree/discovery modules

What if we configured the forwarding in, using pox, so s1→h1, s2→h2, etc, and
    to reach h1, s2→s3→s4→s1
    to reach h2, s3→s4→s1→s2

Would this work? Note that packets addressed to h1--h4 do not circulate endlessly!

How would we set this up?

Fix with, or possibly

2. pairs vs dual tables

Note that the return packet in the latter example does not get sent to the controller!

3. First look at

Continuation with SNMP

Read, sections 21.1-21.11

Continue with tables, tableEntries, MIB files

By the end of this class you should understand the basics of SNMP table organization, and the use of Get/GetNext

Other ways of polling devices:

    ssh: limitations: lack of "universal" account
              lack of "limited" account
              doesn't work for most hubs/switches/non-hosts