Computer Ethics, Sum 2023

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Class 5 Readings

Before class 5, finish reading chapter 1 of Baase and read the first three sections of chapter 4.


    Theories of Privacy
    Section 230

paper 1, revision due 6/10

The Supreme Court is Wrong About Andy Warhol

Maybe. But this guy knows his Warhol art.

Two theories:

  1. The case was decided to emphasize that "transformative use" really had to have a different purpose.
  2. The case was decided because the Warhol Foundation was licensing the image not as art, but as an appropriate illustration for magazine articles about love_symbol/Prince Rogers Nelson, and this really did encroach on Goldsmith's copyright.
Note: this is an actual rule: " the Unicode Standard does not encode idiosyncratic, personal, novel, rarely exchanged, or private-use characters"

Textbooks and filesharing

The Bear Necessities

You just cannot make up stuff like this. Note the "open-fields" doctrine.

More serious issues:

Debate signup


Supreme Court cases

Geofence warrants



Section 230 intro