Computer Ethics, Sum 2023

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Class 3 Readings

Before class 3, finish reading chapter 1 of Baase and read the first three sections of chapter 4.

Videos: is shutting down

(BG for Bulgaria). This was a torrent site, like Most staff were located in Russia, but they leased European data centers.

Oddly, appears still to be operating [it is probably an unauthorized copycat site]. And if you go there, the site says RARBG.

One of the business models of such sites is to build user trust, get them to download software torrents also, and then feed them malware.

Federal Judge in NY says CBP needs warrant to search cellphones at border crossings.


The case is US v Smith. Generally, warrantless searches (say, of your luggage) are allowed at border crossings. There have been previous circuit-court cases that have placed narrow limits on CBP phone searches. The case will be appealed to the second circuit.

Fair Use

Fair Use vs Derivative Works

Napsterized video games

Laws and Cases

    Dowling, Feist, Grokster


    Viacom v YouTube