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The Pig has had some trouble with the law
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Somewhat counterintuitively, The Howling Pig has been slower in production lately not through lack of material, but because of too much material too fast for anybody to get a good handle on the issues before things change.

The short list of things that need fixed:

more to come...

The archive:

The Howling Pig Issue XI

The Pope is InfallibleWorking Out for the FutureHealth CenterUPC Tightens Its Budget

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The Howling Pig Issue X

Get out your checkbooksWhitey Still In ChargeMarriageRetire? My ass

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The Howling Pig Issue IX

Charting Whose Future?AmputationStudents get ScrewedDiversity

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The Howling Pig Issue VIII

SRC Makes WavesBlended Selling Out the FutureA New Face

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The Howling Pig Issue VII

Winning ElectionsSex Scandals Where's the Money?Puke's Gone

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The Howling Pig Issue VI

Party LinesSRC Anonymous Tanning Beds for WhiteyMcOdonnell'sPuke on SRC

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The Howling Pig Issue V

Why oh Why Marilyn?Student Fee Dictation Cinematic Politics Puke on Peake

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The Howling Pig Issue IV

PVA Saved? Academic Freedom Kenny's Steak House Carb Wars

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The Howling Pig Issue III

Huang on Top Colorado's Hottest University Free Speech Puke on Dick

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A correction has been submitted for the original run of issue III. Trustee Monfort has never been in trouble with the law for drunk driving. It was his brother, Mesa State College Trustee, Charlie Monfort who has on occasion been in trouble for driving under the influence.. The Howling Pig humbly apologizes for any harm done. Subsequent prints will reflect this correction.

The Howling Pig Issue II

Professorial Outrage The President's Mixed Loyalties Puke's Take on Campus Childcare

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The Howling Pig Issue I

The piss poor coverage of the Mirror • UNC's commitment to diversity • Construction • An introduction to the Pig

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The Howling Pig is an effort to draw attention to issues rampant in Northern Colorado and elsewhere. Just as electronic blogs are becoming common ways for people to vent frustration or post insightful social and political commentary, this is the stop-gap for UNC until we stagger into the 21st century.

Printed on an irregular basis, anyone is free to submit entire columns, ideas, tips, or comments. Contributors are kept anonymous, but contributions are edited for especially libelous or grammatically poor content. While we are currently aiming for a combination of satire and commentary, we will try to avoid publishing anything blatantly lawsuit worthy that would draw all of that court-order subpoena bullshit that might "out" any of our contributors.

In this current 'zine form, the only limits are a non-existent copy budget and time to put thought to paper so the more realized a submission idea is, the quicker it will be printed. Also, download and print your own copy as well as some for a few dozen friends- students, put your fees to work.

New issues will be posted here first, so return often. We don't expect more than one issue a week.

Contributors are kept anonymous unless they would prefer a byline. One major reason is that The Howling Pig is satirical in nature and so it isn't necessary that authors back up their opinions or observations to provide credibility.  The power of satire is the ring of truth, not the credibility of the source.

The other major consideration in keeping our contributors anonymous is that they are frequently able to provide biting criticism because of their positions and could face retribution for the publication of their opinions.

The image of a bunch of whining students who do nothing but complain is an acceptable tradeoff for faculty, staff, and prominent students who don't want to endanger their jobs, or the departments or organizations with which they are affiliated. The value of The Howling Pig is not as a vehicle for change, but as a prod to discussion.

The Howling Pig would like to welcome our new Editor-in-Chief. Due to religious reasons she does not want to reveal her name, and so would like to be known as Rainbow Brite. Rainbow Brite is well qualified for her new position having already established a reputation as a cult icon. Known for her outspoken stands on issues and almost obsessive

Junius Puke

Our founder, spiritual leader, and the inspiration behind The Howling Pig, Mr. Junius Puke recently suffered a fatal encounter with humanity. He lived a long and tumultuous life. His tenure at The Pig has been controversial, but productive and we believe that he died having accomplished everything he had set out to do in his life.


The Howling Pig would like to make sure that there is no possible confusion between our editor Junius Puke and the Monfort Distinguished Professor of Finance, Mr. Junius “Jay” Peake. Mr. Peake is an upstanding member of the community as well as an asset to the Monfort School of Business where he teaches about financial microstructure. Peake is active in many community groups, married and a family man. He is nationally known for his work in the business world, and is consulted on questions of market structure.

Junius Puke is none of those things and a loudmouth know-it-all to boot, but luckily he’s frequently right and so is a true asset to this publication.

(Further Disclaimer)

Rainbow Brite is well aware of her apparent resemblance to Representative Marilyn Musgrave. While she enjoys performing the occasional impression at parties, Ms. Brite wants very much to distance herself from Congresswoman Musgrave and make it clear that all views that she may express in her role as editor are her own and not that of the Congresswoman.
The Howling Pig would also like to make clear that Ms. Brite has no connection with the Mattel toy company and that her association with this publication should not be construed as an endorsement by that company.

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