Computer Ethics, Fall 2023 online, class 13

Thursday Nov 30

Class 13 Readings

Read Chapter 3 of Baase on freedom of speech


Backpage convictions (sort of)

US govt pays AT&T to let cops search American's phone records

Smith v Maryland says the police don't need a warrant for this. AT&T did keep each record for several years.

Chrome pushes forward with plans to limit ad blockers in the future

The old Manifest V2 rules will end in June 2024. Why do people even use Chrome?

The End is Near (for third-party cookies)

Notes for devs. Some sort-of-legit things will break.


State-street Bank and business-method patents

Apple patents


Abstract Patents (where Bilski fails)




    Resume with Schwartz

    Then Childs, Amero, Auernheimer