Computer Ethics, Fall 2023 online, class 4

Thursday Sept 21

Class 5 Readings

Read chapter 2 of Baase on privacy.

Watch the videos on Copyright Cases and RIAA Filesharing Lawsuits (links in the Resources folder)

One of the government's stronger arguments at the Google antitrust trial is that Google pays billions to make sure they are the default search engine in Firefox, Safari and others. The idea is that if you have to pay others off to reduce competition, that's bad. But this theory took a serious hit when Google pointed out that Microsoft forces Bing to be the default search engine on Windows, and nobody uses it anyway. So maybe Google is wasting its money?

Google sued for negligence after man drove off collapsed bridge while following map directions

It's a tragic case, but is Google really the negligent party?

How to track a car

Register their license plate with the tollway (ipass) and with a common parking app. You then get a notification (with location) every time they go through a tollbooth or park at a covered parking lot. This works even if they are already registered! You do have to pay their toll or parking fee.


Copyright cases


Viacom v Youtube


    Is Jerry Day on to something, or is he a nut?


Nothing to Hide


Microsoft v US