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The Lie Behind the New California
Hide-the-Abortionist Law:

How Lies Told About the Nuremberg Files Are Used To Deceive Gullible People

Neal Horsley

(Christian Gallery News Service, Sep 2, 2002) A new law passed by the California legislature is built on a lie. But the problem is not confined to California. The California law is an example of how the seminal lies released in this nation when the Supreme Court decided people have a right to privately kill their own children are continuing to grow and are spawning an entire edifice of “privacy” and “harassment” laws that are themselves predicated on an entirely new generation of lies.

Instead of the mainstream news media resisting the spread of lies, it has become the primary pipeline through which the lies are spread.

The Associated Press reported on August 29, 2002, that the California General Assembly passed a bill that is designed to protect the privacy of abortion clinic staff and patients. The bill would allow doctors, nurses, patients and volunteers at abortion clinics to enroll in California's Safe At Home program, which was created in 1998 to keep confidential the home addresses of domestic violence survivors. The legislation, which has already passed the state Senate, aims to prevent antiabortion groups from publishing on the Internet the addresses of abortion doctors and patients.

The law, entitled bill AB 797 , explains why the people listed above need protection. The most significant language of the bill can be found here:



(b) In 2000, 30 percent of respondents to a Senate Office of Research survey of 172 California reproductive health care providers reported they or their families had been targets of acts of violence by groups that oppose reproductive rights at locations away from their clinics or offices.
(c) Persons and groups that oppose reproductive rights attempt to stop the provision of legal reproductive health care services by threatening reproductive health care service providers, clinics, employees, volunteers, and patients. The names, photographs, spouses' names, and home addresses of these providers, employees, volunteers, and patients have been posted on Internet Web sites. From one Web site list that includes personal information of reproductive health care service providers, seven persons have been murdered and 14 have been injured. (emphasis mine.) As of August 5, 2002, there are 78 Californians listed on this site. The threat of violence toward reproductive health care service providers and those who assist them has clearly extended beyond the clinic and into the home.

(d) Nationally, between 1992 and 1996, the number of reproductive health care service providers declined by 14 percent. Nearly one out of every four women must travel more than 50 miles to obtain reproductive health care services dealing with the termination of a pregnancy. There exists a fear on the part of physicians to enter the reproductive health care field and to provide reproductive health care services."

The Law Built Upon A Lie

The bill is referring to, as anyone knows who has had the slightest interest in legalized abortion over the last four years, the Web site published by the Christian Gallery News Service (your present Internet location) called The Nuremberg Files .

The main problem with the bill? It is built upon a false premise--a lie in layperson language.

Not only is the bill built upon a lie, it is built upon a lie that has been refuted numerous times by me on national television and by official court documents quoting testimony delivered under oath in various federal court venues.

But that's not what the California politicians tell the people of California.

The law says, "From one Web site list that includes personal information of reproductive health care service providers, seven persons have been murdered and 14 have been injured."

In that context, "From one Web site…seven persons have been murdered…" implies the people were on the list before they were murdered and their having been on the list was a possible cause and effect connector to their injury. If their names were not on the list before they were attacked, the possibility that the list can be connected to their attack disappears--except in the minds of unreasonable people who are interested not in fact but in attack by any means, no matter how unreasonable.

The Lie

No person listed on the Nuremberg Files was ever attacked after they were listed! Every person on the list who has ever been attacked or killed was put on the list after they were attacked. Or to say the same thing another way: Before and up until the time they were attacked, their names were not on the Nuremberg Files list.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Irrefutable verification has been part of Federal Court records since at least early 1999 when Planned Parenthood attorneys, in the lawsuit named Planned Parenthood of Willamette (PP) v. American Coalition of Life Activists, Inc. (ACLA) submitted a printed copy of the Nuremberg Files list to the federal court in Portland, Or.

As is normal with computer printouts of web sites, the date was printed on the copies of my Web site Planned Parenthood presented to the court. Planned Parenthood’s own documents prove conclusively that prior to Barnett Slepian’s death in October, 1998, the Nuremberg Files did not list his name or the names of any person who had been attacked or killed in abortion related terrorist actions. Those documents are a matter of public record and available to any person who takes the time to obtain them.

The Nuremberg Files Before Barnett Slepian Was Killed in Oct. 1998

Below you can see the contents of the document presented by Planned Parenthood in federal court. Notice that the list does not include anyone connected to abortion related terrorism, nor does it include the legend for the “strikethrough” graphic device that was, in 2002, named a “true threat” by the latest ninth circuit federal court ruling.



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ABORTIONISTS: the shooters

ABORTIONISTS: the shooters

Lawson Akpalonu (CA)

Nabil Ghali (OH)

Elizabeth Newhall (OR)

Edward Allred (CA)

Richardson Glidden (LA)

James Newhall (OR)

Eduardo Aquino (TX)

Arthur Goode (IL

Mark Nichols (OR)

Gostal Arcelin (FL)

Ben Graber (FL)

Mario Ochoa (TX)

Carl L. Armstrong (OH)

William Graham (LA)

Olubenga Oredein (VA)

Ali Azima (FL)

Robert Thomas Greenfield

Tati I. Okereke (NY)

Fritz Bailey (CA)

Tom Gunter (CA)

G.W. Orr (NE)

Carlos Baldocedas (IL)

Bruce Steir (CA)

Nadar Ostovartz (CA)

Martin Barke (CA)

Moshe Hacamovitch (TX)

Olusoji Oyesanya (WI)

Scott Barrett, Jr. (MO)

Martin Haskell (OH)

Allen Palmer (MO)

Jan Barton (IL)

George Hansen (TX)

Narash Patel (OK)

David Benjamin (NY)

Mildred Hansen (MN)

Ed Perry (TN)

Arnold Bickham (IL)

Abu Hayat (NY)

Harold Pitts (GA)

Mark Binder (NY)

Warren Hern (CO)

Herbert Remer (IA)

Robert Bliss (OH)

Jeanne T. Hubbuch (NH)

Scott Ricke (AZ)

Daryl K. Boffard (NJ)

Aleksander Jacubowski

Raymond Robinson (OH)

Joseph Booker (MS)

Vladimir Rosenthal (FL)

Jessie Joplin

W. "Peter" Bours (OR)

Steven Kaali (NY)

Abraham Risk (NJ)

Nicholas Braemar (CA)

George Kabacy (WA)

Judith-Comeau Samuel

Stephen Brigham (PA)

Vikram Kaji (NJ)

Marek S. Klem (Ca)

Harvey Brookman (NJ)

Douglas Karpen (TX)

Maxen Samuel (NY)

Victor Brown (LA)

Richard B. Kearl (OR)

Herbert Sandmire (WI)

Mahlon D. Cannon (CA)

William Keene (FL)

Jesus R. Santoskoy (TX)

Leroy Carhart (NE)

Leo Kenneally (CA)

Ruth Schwartz

Milan D. Chepco

Young Tae Kim (CA)

Paul Seamars (WI)

Kwang Chiu (CA)

Allen Kline (PA)

Karl L. Seligman (CA)

Amanda Clark (OR)

H.G. Klopfer (IN)

Neville Sender (WI)

William Cooley (NY)

Malcom Knarr (KS)

Raymond Showery

Winston Crabb(NB)

Peter Kropf (TX)

Forest Smith (CA)


Mary E. (Wilcox) Smith (TX)

Gene Crawford (MD)

Young Ho Kwon (NY)

Bruce Steir (CA)

Robert Crist (KS)

Theodore Lehrer (FL)

William Tarnasky (ID)

Joe Daniel (GA)

E. Stephen Lichtenberg

Milton Tarver (WI)

Kenneth E. Delin (CA)

Samuel Craft (WI)

Justin Charles Terra

David Dixon (WA)

Jium Lin (NJ)

Paul Wright (CA)

S. Ender Dolen

Robert Michael Livingston(FL)

Pravin Thakkar (IN)

Ismail Elguindi (SC)

Phyllis Mason (CA)

Larry W. Thompson (NV)

Bolivar Escobito (MO)

William E. Locke (TX)

George Tiller (KS)

Karen Ferguson (CO)

Marco A. Lopez

Norman Tompkins (TX)

Brian Finkel (AZ)

Ping Lu (NY)

Henry Train (PA)

Norman M. Fisk (CA)

Roneal Martin (TX)

George Woodward (WI)

Henry Foster

Bruce Lucero (AL)

Tommy Tucker (MS)

James Gallant (OR)

Gregory Luck (ME)

David Turow

Enrique Gerbi (MI)

Daniel McBrayer (GA)

Benjamin Victoria (WI)

Gus Giddens (TN)

George Miks (ND)

Harvey Wachmans (NY)

Michael Girtlschmid

Philip Milgram (CA)

Horace Ward (VA)

Freddie D. McClendon (CA)

Benjamin Munson (SD)

Carl Watson (CA)

Harry Goldenberg (GA)

Elrick Murray (NJ)

Robert A. Westbrook

Joanne LeWallen (TN)

Barbara Lofton (MD)

Susan Wicklund (ND)

Bonnie Gordon (WI)

Marshall Grandy (TX)

Buck Williams (SD)

Suzanne Landau (CA)

Daniel H. Huyett III

Lewis Sydney Wolf (FL)

All the national news media had to do to set the stage for the California legislature to pass laws predicated upon lies was to treat the list below as if it had always contained the names of the people who were attacked. The logic was clear: if the people were on the list and then attacked or killed, there must be a cause and effect connection between the list and their attackers.

That logical cause and effect connection disappears the moment you realize the the names were not on the list before they were attacked.

The Nuremberg Files After Barnett Slepian Was Killed

The day after Barnett Slepian was killed, I altered the Nuremberg Files to look like the one below.

Legend:  Black font (working); Greyed-out Name (wounded); Strikethrough (fatality)

ABORTIONISTS: the baby butchers

Lawson Akpalonu (CA) Ben Graber (FL) Norman M. Neches (DC)
Edward Allred (CA) William Graham (LA) James Newhall (OR)
Kevin W. Alexander (DC) Marshall Grandy (TX) Richard S. Newman (DC)
Eduardo Aquino (TX) Richard P. Green (DC) Mark Nichols (OR)
Gostal Arcelin (FL) Thomas H. Gresinger (VA) Mario Ochoa (TX)
Carl L. Armstrong (OH) Jay M. Grodin (MD, VA) Soo-Young Oh (MD)
Ali Azima (FL) David Gunn (Fl) Tati I. Okereke (NY)
Fritz Bailey (CA) Tom Gunter (CA) Kathleen A. Olson
Carlos Baldocedas (IL) Moshe Hacamovitch (TX) G.W. Orr (NE)
Faith E. Barash (MD) Martin Haskell (OH) Nadar Ostovartz (CA)
Martin Barke (CA) Liam Haim (MD) Olusoji Oyesanya (WI)
Scott Barrett, Jr. (MO) Jae E. Han (IL) Ronald Julian Orleans (MD)
Jan Barton (IL) George Hansen (TX) Olubenga Oredein (VA)
Richard J. Beckerman (DC) Mildred Hansen (MN) Jose Antonio Pagan (FL)
Samuel M. Belinsky (VA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) John C. Pan (MD)
David Benjamin (NY) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Ronald A. Paul (MD)
Mansoor Ali Benham (MD) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Wayne Patterson (Al)?
Jessica L. Berger-Weiss (MD) Abu Hayat (NY) Narash Patel (OK)
Todd Philip Berner (DC,VA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Ed Perry (TN)
Francis T. Bergin, Jr. (MD) Achim J. Heintze (DC) Harold Pitts (GA)
Arnold Bickham (IL) Warren Hern (CO) Herbert Remer (IA)
Mark Binder (NY) E. Conrad Hicks, Jr. (DC) Raymond Robinson (OH)
Kathleen Bis (DC, MD) Florie Hirsch (DC) Scott Ricke (AZ)
Robert Bliss (OH) Jeanne T. Hubbuch (NH) Garson Romalis (Canada)
Curtis Boyd (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Pablo Rodreguez (RI)
Andrew Brian Block (MD) Daniel H. Huyett III Myron Rose (MD)
Nathan Mark Bobrow (DC) Calvin Jackson (La) Bruce Rosenblatt (MD)
Daryl K. Boffard (NJ) Leroy A. Jackson, Jr. (DC) Vladimir Rosenthal (FL)
Constance J. Bohon (DC, MD) Ronald David Jacobs (MD) Michael A. Ross (VA)
Joseph Booker (MS) Aleksander Jacubowski Rufus Rosser, Jr. (DC)
Sylvester C. Booker, Jr. (MD) Allan Alvin Jathoo (DC) Abraham Risk (NJ)
W. "Peter" Bours (OR) Marc A. Jerome (DC) Morton J. Roberts (MD)
Nicholas Braemar (CA) Harold D. Johnson (DC, MD) Judith-Comeau Samuel
Stephen Brigham (PA) Alfreda Jones Marek S. Klem (Ca)
John Britton (Fl) Jessie Joplin Maxen Samuel (NY)
Harvey Brookman (NJ) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Mervyn Samuel (OH)
Roy M. Brooks (MD) Steven Kaali (NY) Nancy L. Sanders (DC)
Victor Brown (LA) George Kabacy (WA) Herbert Sandmire (WI)
Michael S. Burnhill Vikram Kaji (NJ) Jesus R. Santoskoy (TX)
Rita S. Calabro (MD) Douglas G. Kalesh (DC) Ruth Schwartz
Alfred W. Cannon, Jr. (VA) Douglas Karpen (TX) Paul Seamars (WI)
Mahlon D. Cannon (CA) Richard B. Kearl (OR) Karl L. Seligman (CA)
Leroy Carhart (NE) William Keene (FL) Neville Sender (WI)
Robert L. Castle (VA) Leo Kenneally (CA) Hugh Short (Canada)
Milan D. Chepco Linda Ann Kiley (DC) Lawrence H. Shuman (VA)
Kwang Chiu (CA) Chungkook Kim (VA) Raymond Showery
Maureen Yu Chua (DC) Young Tae Kim (CA)
Hekwan Chung (MD) Musyimi Kioko Barnett Slepian (NY)
Amanda Clark (OR) Heather Kirchiro (MD) Howard Neil Smith (DC)
Stephen Carter Coleman (FL) Bradford A. Kleinman (MD) Diane Snyder (MD)
Jerome Collidge (MD) Allen Kline (PA) Forest Smith (CA)
C.A. Comerford (MD) George Klopfer (IN) Mary E. (Wilcox) Smith (TX)
Anna M. Consoli (VA) H.G. Klopfer (IN) Carl Edward Stave (MD)
William Cooley (NY) Malcom Knarr (KS) Albert J. Steren (MD)
William H. Cooper, Jr. (DC) Michael K. Kowalski (MD) Bruce Steir (CA)
Winston Crabb(NB) Peter Kropf (TX) Narong Suvannasankha (MD)
Samuel Craft (WI) Young Ho Kwon (NY) Hunter Scott Tashman (VA)
Gene Crawford (MD) Suzanne Landau (CA) Delhi E. Thweatt, Jr (MD)
Robert Crist (KS) Theodore Lehrer (FL) William Tarnasky (ID)
Joe Daniel (GA) Joanne LeWallen (TN) Milton Tarver (WI)
Mary M. Delaney (DC) E. Stephen Lichtenberg Justin Charles Terra
Kenneth E. Delin (CA) Jium Lin (NJ) Pravin Thakkar (IN)
David Dixon (WA) Robert Michael Livingston(FL) Larry W. Thompson (NV)
Steven Dixon (DC) Barbara Lofton (MD) Harold J. Ticktin (FL)
Oscar I. Dodek, Jr. (MD, VA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) George Tiller (KS)
S. Ender Dolen William E. Locke (TX) Lewis R. Townsend (MD)
Iris Elizabeth Dominy (MD) Marco A. Lopez Norman Tompkins (TX)
Anthony A. Dundwu (VA) Ping Lu (NY) Henry Train (PA)
Gary A. Dresden (FL) Bruce Lucero (AL) Tommy Tucker (MS)
Ismail Elguindi (SC) Gregory Luck (ME) David Turow
Richard Vernon Erkenbeck (DC) William Lynn (SC) Linwood R. Turner (DC)
Bolivar Escobito (MO) Sharone D. Malone (DC) Harmen Vanderwoude (VA)
Jack Fainman (Canada) Richard Manning (SC, TN) Marc Vatin (MD)
Bruce Ferguson John M. MacKenzie (TX) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Karen Ferguson (CO) Avron H. Maser (MD) Benjamin Victoria (WI)
Brian Finkel (AZ) Phyllis Mason (CA) Harvey Wachmans (NY)
Norman M. Fisk (CA) Avron H. Maser (MD) George Woodward (WI)
Robert D. Footer (DC, MD) Roneal Martin (TX) Horace Ward (VA)
Henry Foster Daniel McBrayer (GA) Carl Watson (CA)
Carl Fromhagen, Jr. (FL) Freddie D. McClendon (CA) Paul H. Weisshaar (VA)
James Gallant (OR) Nathaniel McLeod (MD) Robert A. Westbrook
Enrique Gerbi (MI) Jocelyn A. McGinnis (VA) Susan Wicklund (ND)
Nabil Ghali (OH) George Miks (ND) Buck Williams (SD)
Gus Giddens (TN) Philip Milgram (CA) Marciana W. Wilkerson (DC)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) Henry Morgentaler (Canada) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Michael Girtlschmid Benjamin Munson (SD) Lewis Sydney Wolf (FL)
Richardson Glidden (LA) MILLER, MELINDA (FL) Howard D. Wood (DC)
Harry Goldenberg (GA) Elrick Murray (NJ) Paul Wright (CA)
Arthur Goode (IL) Glenda Mussenden (VA) Haig H. Yeni-Komshian (MD)
Bonnie Gordon (WI) G. Michael Nauert (FL) Jaimie Zaita (VA)

Fighting Against the Lies

If the Nuremberg Files list was a threat to abortionists, all the publicity it has received would logically have led to a rash of terrible attacks on abortionists. The Nuremberg Files Web site has received more publicity than any abortion-related publication in the history of the world. Since 1998, literally hundreds of newspaper articles, radio and television programs have discussed the web site and given out its address. Millions of people have visited the Web site and looked at the Nuremberg Files list. But even with all that publicity, no person listed on the Nuremberg Files has been attacked after being put on the list!

Yet here we have the California legislature passing a new law designed to protect the abortion industry from news coverage and pubic demonstrations, and I'm the only journalist in the USA who bothers to notice that the law is predicated upon a lie.

If you want to have access to the truth instead of being the gullible person who believes what the ignorant national press tells you, you'll support the Christian Gallery News Service. We'll tell you the truth.

If you don't support us, you will continue to get what you are presently paying the national media to obtain: lies, more lies, and, yes, more lies.

This link takes you to a compendium of national television interviews where I did everything in my power to do exactly what I’m doing now: contradict the lies so that the truth can be found.

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