Open Source Computing

Week 5

Engaged/Experiential Learning

Locus → My Academics → Engaged Learning →Add/Edit/View. Remember that your "organization" is just Loyola University (that is, you're not going off-site), and you are working on an open-source software project.

There's a longer document, experiential_tutorial.pdf, in the Sakai Resources folder. There's also

After you create your entry, I'll get notified that I'm supposed to approve it.

Individual Assignment 1: Find a bug in LibreOffice (or something else) and report it to me.

Due: Friday of next week (Feb 26).

You can either find the bug by using LibreOffice, or by looking at their bugzilla site, (you might have to create an account). Either way, you should be able to reproduce the bug, so you will probably have to install LibreOffice. If you are reporting a bug from their bugzilla site, you must be able to reproduce it.

If you find the bug yourself, you do not have to report it to LibreOffice (to report it you really should search to see if someone else has already reported it, and that's quite a bit of extra work).

Your report to me should describe the bug, and how you reproduce it. You should also include a sample LibreOffice file to demonstrate the bug, in whatever format is necessary (although some bugs don't have files; for example, "create a new file, store it in .docx format, paste a .png image, and save"). The sample file is particularly important if you're reporting on a bug you found at the bugzilla site.

Be sure to let me know what operating system you're using, and what version of LibreOffice, and which program within the LibreOffice suite (eg Writer).

I'm suggesting LibreOffice because it's, well, so easy. (Ok, maybe not easy when you're actually trying to find a bug, but there are quite a few out there.) However, you may instead report on a bug in some other open-source project, if you wish.


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