Get the latest banned software now! Here it is, in its entirety:
     main() {int ch; while ((ch=getchar())!=EOF) putchar(ch);}
(This is, if you don't recognize it, the canonical C copy program.)

Peter Lars Dordal

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Department of Computer Science Phone: 773-508-8150
Loyola University, Doyle 305       Department:      773-508-8031
1052 W Loyola Ave Email: pld AT
Chicago IL 60626 USA

Normal office hours: Fall 2017 office hours:
Mondays 12:30-2:20 LT 916B
Tuesdays 12:30-2:20 CLC 424 (LT 916B on 11/7)

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Personal Information

I am an associate professor within the Department of Computer Science at Loyola University of Chicago. My research interests are in programming languages and computer networks.

I've written an open textbook An Introduction to Computer Networks.

My other interests include woodworking (some with hand tools, some with power), horticulture, animals (especially horses and poultry) and rural life.