Computer Ethics, Summer 2022

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Class 11 Readings

Read the parts of Chapter 4 on Patents.

Read Chapter 5 on Crime.

Bungie Sues Destiny YouTuber

There is a price for illegitimate DMCA takedowns!

How Bungie tracked this down:

There's a penalty for filing false DMCA takedown notices, but Bungie appears to be focusing on other charges as well.


Antitrust: Facebook


What's wrong with software patents

Microsoft tried to patent the BlueJ Java IDE's "object workbench", too, although they backed down.

1. Contesting patents in court is very expensive ($2 million?)

2. Even contesting these patents via a so-called IPR (a special hearing procedure within the PTO) costs an average of $300-500,000.

3. There is no free mechanism for saying "this patent is fraudulent"

4. Supposedly there is a penalty for willfully failing to list all known prior art, but the PTO almost never applies this.