Computer Ethics, Summer 2022

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Class 6 Readings

Finish reading Chapter 2 on Privacy.

Start reading Chapter 3 on Speech.

Clearview has settled its ACLU case

The ACLU had sued Clearview, makers of facial-recognition software and databases, for violating the Illinois law on use of biometric identifiers.

Clearview is still allowed to offer its services to law enforcement, though only to departments and not to individuals. It can also sell access to its facial-recognition algorithm to private companies, but not its database. Illinois residents continue to have an opt-out option.

Following on Facebook

This relates to what Texas SB 20 was supposed to prevent blocking of. See For the Facebook description, see

I have no idea how SB 20 would apply to newsfeed downranking. I'm not sure anyone else has any idea either.

Hateful conduct prohibited

NY State passed a law about social media with title "hateful conduct prohibited". But the law itself only requires social-media companies to provide a way for users to report "hateful conduct"; there is no prohibition on such conduct. Yet?

Paper 1 revision / Paper 2


Gag orders

Privacy from commercial interests

Internet search


Credit Bureaus and Credit-Like information

Facial Recognition


Managing your Privacy

Public Records

Theories of Privacy




Price Discrimination