Computer Ethics, Sum 2021

Class 7 Readings

June 15

Read Baase chapter 2 on privacy


Paper 2

Some antitrust bills proposed by Congress

Article title: "Congress is going to throw the kitchen sink at big tech". Well, we'll see.

Operation Ironside

The FBI and other agencies created an encrypting messaging app and distributed it through covert channels. It was widely adopted by criminals. But the FBI had the keys all along. Last week some 800 alleged criminals worldwide were arrested.

In the US there were eight arrests, all for distribution of the devices themselves.

Apparently because the Fourth Amendment doesn't allow the FBI to use the messages sent via the devices without a warrant.

What do you think of that?


        Credit-like bureaus

Privacy theories

Smyth v Pillsbury




Price discrimination


        Section 230 cases

Threat speech


LICRA v Yahoo

Google and censorship

Source code as speech