Computer Ethics, Summer 2019, Class 10

Class 10 Readings

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Republican Sen. Josh Hawley has proposed a bill that would remove immunity that protects tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube from liability for user-posted content, unless these companies prove to the FTC that their content moderation is politically neutral.

The bill has very limited chances of passage, and even smaller chances of surviving a First Amendment court challenge.

So do we need Section 230? Jason Fyk sued Facebook:

Plaintiff had used Facebook’s free online platform to create a series of, among other amusing things, pages dedicated to videos and pictures of people urinating. In enforcing its community standards,Plaintiff alleges that Facebook blocked content posted by Plaintiff and removed content in order tomake room for its own sponsored advertisements.

The decision to dismiss Fyk's case is only 3 pages long. It's not rocket science.

I don't think Sen. Harley has any idea of what his bill might lead to.