Computer Ethics, Summer 2019, Class 7

Class 3 Readings

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At the same time, Big Data is increasingly sinister. If you’ve been pregnant lately, you’ve undoubtedly had the eerie experience of seeing baby-related ads popping up online before you’ve shared the news with anyone.

Compare this with Andrew Pole's story at Target.

2. Yet another way Google encourages people to use Chrome rather than Firefox:


Schools are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming.


I left the ad industry because our use of data tracking terrified me

Who uses location-collecting apps? This is what those apps are for:

[A]nother startup projected a map of San Francisco with a red line tracking a real, anonymous person throughout their day. He challenged us to infer what we could about her. She left the house at 7 a.m. Went to Starbucks. Went to a school. Went to a yoga studio. Went back to the school. She was a mother with at least one child, and we knew where she lived. We knew this because this woman’s cell phone was tracking her every move.

5. How to keep your Facebook friends from finding out you use Tinder. Wait, what? How can they do that?

Ok, maybe the real hazard here is that Tinder allows third-party login via Facebook. Those third-party logins are usually a mistake.

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