Computer Ethics, Summer 2019, Class 4

Class 3 Readings

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The motion-to-quash order in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses v Darkspilver

The fair-use discussion is worth reviewing. See darkspilver.html.

Is Bose spying on listeners?

The problem appears to be that the app privacy policy didn't list all the ways Bose was using the data. The privacy policy also was silent on some ways that the data might be used.

I have a Bose speaker. I have to go to some lengths to use it without Bose "spying" on me, that is, without having Bose in the loop. I cannot, for example, connect my laptop to the speaker via Wi-Fi (I can connect via Bluetooth, but generally my laptop is out of Bluetooth range.)

Begin with Viacom v YouTube