Computer Ethics, Summer 2017

Corboy 302, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Class 11

Class 11 Readings

Finish reading the remaining sections of Chapter 4, especially 4.6 on software patents.
Start reading Chapter 5 on Computer Crime.

The main course notes are in the Notes Organized by Topic section on the main web page. Reading assignments, comments on the class discussion and occasional special notices are in these week-by-week notes.

What is the matter with Europe:

A $2.73 billion fine for Google's abuse of their market position? Antitrust is serious stuff, but read closely to see what the issue is. It isn't that Google is directing searchers to their own shopping sites; it's that they are withdrawing attention from "other" price-comparison sites, by offering sponsored (paid) links to shopping sites. But price-comparison sites are pretty useless.

Demo: let's google for "3-quart saucepan".

Here's Google's response:

And here's an article on Margrethe Vestager.

New ransomware:

Another take on jobs in the post-automation age:
The article refers to this as emotional labor. It includes traditional caregiving roles, but also anyone else whose job fundamentally involves negotiating with others: flight attendants, police, attorneys, etc.

Do you think the patent system protects startups?

Some Software Patents:
    Finish PTO review of NTP patents