Computer Ethics, Summer 2017

Corboy 302, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Class 9

Class 9 Readings

Read Baase chapter 3 on freedom of speech
Finish reading the remaining sections of Chapter 4, especially 4.6 on software patents

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A less optimistic look at jobs and automation:

A second cautious look:

Tim O'Brien's expansionist view (repeated from last Tuesday):

It is probably fair to say we are facing the Third Industrial Revolution. But we did get through the first two (1760-1840 and 1840-1900) reasonably well. Those times are perhaps best known for the loss of craftsmen jobs and the rise of factory work.

A group of European Ministers of Parliament backs end-to-end encryption. Ok, the prohibition on member states from banning end-to-end encryption is far from final, but support for encryption seems quite strong. A separate bill has been introduced to ban member states from requiring "backdoors" (never mind that these are not technically feasible).

Great Britain has repeatedly called for banning (or backdooring) end-to-end encryption, but they voted to Leave the EU. (Ok, France has also issued some statements suggesting end-to-end encryption is a problem.) Most of the rest of Europe is still strongly in favor of privacy, though EU Parliament politics are pretty opaque.

Is Source Code Speech?

Start on Patents