Computer Ethics, Summer 2017

Corboy 302, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Class 7

Class 7 Readings

Read Baase chapter 3 on freedom of speech

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Intel's x86 architecture is approaching 40 and still going strong

Aww! They want to celebrate a year early! How sweet!

But why is one of the authors a senior Intel attorney?
And why does the article start reminding everyone halfway through about the strength of the Intel patent portfolio?

The next post hints at the answer:

Intel fires warning shots at Microsoft, claims x86 emulation is a patent minefield

Intel wants to prevent x86 emulation on ARM processors.

Why does ARM even exist anyway? Could it have anything to do with Intel's crushing of RISC processors two decades ago by using brute-force chip design? Which cost more in power, but nobody cared back then? But now, with mobile, power consumption is everything?

Tim O'Reilly on whether we really are on the verge of an employment collapse

A very positive view on job creation in the computer era. Not everyone is so positive.

Paper 2

Batzel v Cremers