Computer Ethics, Fall 2022

Thursdays 4:15-6:45

Class 11, Nov 10


Read Chapter 3 on Speech


Section 230 (subsequent cases; 50 min)

Threat Speech (PP v ACLA) (week 8, 37 min)

Software as Speech (week 9, 31 min)

A Twitter story

1. A large telco wanted to pay us to log signal strength data in N. America and send it to them.

2. When we sent this data to the telco they said the data was useless. They switched their request and said they want to be able to tell how many of our users are entering their competitors’ stores.

3. The Director [of the telco] said “We should know when users leave their house, their commute to work, and everywhere they go throughout the day. Anything less is useless. We get a lot more than that from other tech companies.”

Twitter apparently did not follow through at that point.

Clinical Trials

Patents (we did pharmaceutical patents)