Computer Ethics, Fall 2022

Thursdays 4:15-6:45

Class 2 Readings

Read the first three sections of Baase chapter 1 and at least the first section of chapter 4, especially:
    Video sharing in §1.2.1
    Cellphone case-study in §1.2.2
    What is intellectual property?: §4.1.1

Before class 2, finish reading chapter 1 and read the first three sections of chapter 4.

The main course notes are in the Notes Organized by Topic section on the main web page. Reading assignments, comments on the class discussion and occasional special notices are in these week-by-week notes.

No, the police are not tracking you. They are paying others to do that.

Apparently Google Maps is ok, but Waze is not. Even though Google owns Waze.

Paper 1

Intellectual Property and the Free Market

Is "intellectual property" a reasonable, enforceable concept?

Napster Model

Who is copyright for?

    Legal version of that question

Ethical paradoxes

Ethical Theory (also see the video)

Copyright and utiitarian v deontological approaches

For-profit infringement

Music sampling