Computer Ethics, Fall 2020, Mondays

Class 4 Readings

By this point you should have read all of chapter 1 and the first three sections of chapter 4.
For next week you should read Baase Chapter 2 on Privacy

Racism and computers

Clearly, computers themselves have no racial intent. Computers themselves have no intentions whatsoever. They do, however, reflect the biases of system designers.

Twitter image-cropping issue:

The actual twitter link is here:

Can you think of other ways computers might contribute to racial bias? We'll discuss this next week.

(By the way, there are real issues in photography with different skin tones: Digital photography has not really changed things; it is still best to adjust the exposure to the subjects' skin tone at the time the picture is taken.)

End of week 3: just got to Cariou v Prince

Fair Use,


Lawsuits against individual downloaders

Some questions: