Enterprise Networking Week 12

Spring 2023, Mondays 4:15-6:45 in Crown 105

April 17

Eventually we will look at this: blog.oddbit.com/post/2023-02-19-vrf-and-nat.



Set up rules. Rules have matching information, and then a target. Typical targets are DROP, ACCEPT and LOG. (We can also have another chain, a user-defined chain, as a target, for which there can be a RETURN target to return to the original chain.) Here is a list:

Execution of the rules in a chain continues until we reach an ACCEPT or a DROP.

Tables: There is a filter table, a mangle table and a nat table. e can be thought of as sets of chains. Here are the standard tables:

The filter table is for firewall-type rules; the mangle table is for packet-modification rules (which we have not seen yet).

altsocketudp.py and initraw():


SNMP tables