Enterprise Networking Week 5

Spring 2023, Mondays 4:15-6:45 in Crown 105

February 20


Assignment 2:

Run the cubic-cubic competition, with udprandomtelnet, over a rang of different delay values for the second connection. How does the bandwidth share vary as the delay varies?

Assignment details

.vimrc:        # you're probably best off using featherpad, not vim

    syntax off

TCP Vegas

other TCPs


Queuing and Scheduling

How queuing disciplines work, abstractly, in Linux

Start at root; each qdisc has a handle, like 10:.

Some, but not all, qdiscs allow a hierarchy of classes, with handles like 10:15. The 10: would be the handle of the parent qdisc. The class hierarchy can be multiple levels deep.

Stack of (delay, bandwidth, queue)


Fair queuing