Enterprise Networking Week 2

Spring 2023, Mondays 4:15-6:45 in Crown 105

January 30

Assignment 1

Generate graphs of three separate Mininet transfers (from h1 to h3):

The three transfers should not overlap in time; this is not about TCP competition.

Submit both graphs and the actual data. Also calculate the fraction of the bandwidth actually achieved by the transfer.

At the receiving end (on h3), I generally used netcat -l 5430 >/dev/null

At the sending end, I used the h1ss.sh script, appropriately edited (with block count and congestion algorithm, in particular). "ss" stands for "socket statistics".

For the graphs, you can use xgraph, gnuplot, excel, or whatever else you can find that works. Just tell me what it is!

Due: Wednesday Feb 8


Wireshark demo and TCP 3whs

Monitoring a TCP connection with netcat

Basic setup of one-way TCP connection in mininet, from h1 to h3, and getting a graph

Issues with the graph

Cubic example

What does TCP Cubic actually do?

Review RFC for TCP Cubic

Graphs from week 1 notes: which is "better"? How?