Comp 343/443-001 Week 4 notes

Introduction to the textbook
Programming assignments

Assignment 2   

    Chapter 7: exercises 2.0, 6.0 (packet travel times)
    Chapter 8: exercises 7.0, 8.0 (sliding windows)
    Chapter 9: exercises 6.0, 8.0 (IPv4)
    Chapter 13: exercises 2.0, 4.0 (routing)

Due Oct 11 (fall break Wednesday)

Assignment 1: Review Chapter 1  #5,7b, 9ef, 11, Chapter 2 #3

You don't want to be on Cloudflare's naughty list for sale
It had been held by a research group, WIDE, and was sparsely allocated.

Pollution in (2010 news)

4.2.4: Access points

    linssid demo (linux utility; runs as root; needs display access)

Wi-Fi monitoring demo (maybe not; it breaks everything!)
    service NetworkManager stop
    ifconfig wlp0s20f3 down
    iwconfig wlp0s20f3 mode monitor
    ifconfig wlp0s20f3 up
    iwconfig wlp0s20f3 channel 12

To undo:
    ifconfig wlp0s20f3 down
    iwconfig wlp0s20f3 mode managed
    ifconfig wlp0s20f3 up
    service NetworkManager start

5.3 Token Ring

6: Links

    Encoding and Framing
        NRZ, etc
    4.1.5 Framing: how packets are defined

    TDM and SONET

7. Packets,

8. Sliding windows,


    lost packets
    cumulative ACK