Comp 343/443-001 Week 2 notes

Start with IP routing, and the net/host division.

IP layer: from 1.10

Class A/B/C addressing system
administratively assigned
network prefix v host portion; what this means for scalability
IP version of datagram forwarding
hierarchical routing

why does IP support fragmentation?
    virtual circuits

IP routing
    local delivery

IP addressing

Ethernet: mixture of 1.9 and Chapter 2

10 Mbps classic Ethernet
broadcast bus
collisions: meant to be normal
physical v logical layer
Network Interfaces and packet delivery
multicast addresses

Ethernet diagram with NIs

Ethernet collision timeline

scaling Ethernet to 100 Mbps, etc
    scaling problems
    switched full duplex => collision-free!

basic Ethernet-switch learning algorithm

1.11: DNS
    nslookup, dig, host

1.12: Transport
    TCP goals
    TCP interface

1.13: Firewalls
1.14: NAT

Back to Ethernet:
    Spanning-tree algorithm
    Brief look at SDN

Chapter 3:

3.1: VLANs      
3.2: Carrier Ethernet
3.3: VPNs

(skip Virtual Circuits and ATM for now)

3.6: Radioland
3.7: Wi-Fi (3.7.1-3.7.4; maybe some 3.7.5-3.7.7)
    collision basics