Comp 343/443-001 Week 4 notes

Homework 2

    Chapter 7: exercises 2.0, 6.0 (packet travel times)
    Chapter 8: exercises 7.0, 8.0 (sliding windows)
    Chapter 9: exercises 6.0, 8.0 (IPv4)
    Chapter 13: exercises 2.0, 4.0 (routing)

You don't want to be on Cloudflare's naughty list

You really do not.

And, while we're on the subject, How To Bypass Cloudflare Anti-Scraping (and why this is hard)

Finish Wi-Fi:

    4.2.5: security

        WPA2 vs WPA3

    4.2.7: polling mode
    4.2.8: MANETs and mesh

5.1 VPNs

5.2 Carrier Ethernet
5.3 Token Ring

6: Links

    Encoding and Framing
        NRZ, etc
    4.1.5 Framing: how packets are defined


7: Packets

    Delay calculations
    Packet size revisited
        size and delay
        size and error recovery

    Checksums: Internet Checksum

    Error-Correcting codes (2D-parity)

Chapter 8: