Comp 343/443-001 Week 5 notes

Introduction to the textbook
Programming assignments

Assignment 2
    Chapter 5: exercises 2, 4 (packet travel times)
    Chapter 6: exercises 5, 6 (sliding windows)
    Chapter 7: exercises 6,7 (IPv4)
    Chapter 9: exercises 2,3 (routing)
Due: Wed, Oct 11 (just after fall break)

Hash functions and quantum algorithms

Both hash functions and symmetric ciphers are generally considered resistant to quantum algorithms, although Grover's algorithm suggests that doubling the number of bits might be in order. It is public-key encryption algorithms that run into problems with quantum computing. The original Shor's algorithm does fast factorization, thus undermining RSA; it has been extended to elliptic-curve variants of RSA.

Chapter 6: sliding windows

Especially 6.3: linear bottlenecks
6.3.1: fixed-window-size examples
6.3.2: RTT calculations
6.3.3: some graphs

Chapter 7: IPv4

RoAd: Routing and Addressing
    Classless delivery