Open Source Computing

Week 11 (4/3, 4/5)

No class 4/10

Individual assignment 1:

WTF winner: If you create a margin comment in LibreOffice and export to pdf, all the text following the comment (maybe all the text, period) is missing from the pdf.

Producing Open Source Software link

One in Two New NPM Packages is SEO Spam:

Nobody would ever use these packages, but they create links to a product from a well-known platform, which is exactly what Google's original Page rank algorithm looks for.

This is sad.

Bloomberg donates $10K to curl (3/28/2023):
More at

(Note that Open Collective is the fundraising arm of curl.)

An interesting Docker strategy for monetizing open source:

Microsoft also uses this for monetizing Windows

Returning to this with the POSS link fixed:

Open-source management

Continue with:

Cathedral v Bazaar

About that "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" thing ....

Wednesday: Responses

Note the essay was written just before the big industry surge in Linux contributions, let by IBM.

Some open-source projects and how they handle:

Many of these are from


Bugs to Issues tab

contributor guidelines at

Repoting security issues: tab


(static-site generator),

Note the Issues and Discussions tabs! The Discussions tab is particularly important.

CONTRIBUTING.rst  Partly for new users, but also for new devs ("Contributing code")

The THANKS file lists contributors, and also the BD

Also check out Pelican's Internals at


An open-source project for using machine learning in the creation of art and music. The github may be deprecated.

Has good links to user documentation and to the development environment.

Note the AUTHORS file and the disclaimer there.

Apache license


A command-line http client!

There is a blog for communicating updates, at


Also and

Communicaton is at


A subproject of httpie. It also has several other sites, such as

Note "Security policy", under the Security tab, is disabled.


A python plotting library

Has Also, for users


Lower down, there is a "contributing to plotly" link and a "Community forum" link.


Most recent update is 5 years ago; most are 9+ years ago

Project Abandoned


An astrophysics library for Python

Has a contributions page at

At there is quite a discussion about the project organization. There is a very long list of contributors, and a list of around ~45 voting members.

Linux kernel