Comp 305-001/488-305: Database Administration

Spring 2017: Tuesdays, 4:15-6:45, Comm 010

Week 2

Homework 1 is now on Sakai. It is due two weeks from Thursday. Links to the company and university databases are available on the main page, under Examples.

Installing Postgres on Windows
Installing Postgres on a mac (didn't quite work due to video issues, but mostly it's the same as anywhere)

Introduction to Relational Databases

  1. Entity-Relation (ER) diagrams (done)
  2. The Company DB
  3. Relational Math
  4. concepts: self-describing, transactions

We looked at the create table and insert statements from the company and university databases.

We continued on with sql1.html, up to but not including A Look At Constraints.

Installation assignment:

    Install PostgreSQL on your own machine