Comp 271-400: Data Structures

Peter Dordal, Spring 2018 second half

Lecture: Mondays 4:15-8:15, Cuneo 311
Lab: Wednesdays 4:15-6:30, Cuneo 311  (Anadi Misra / Neha Goel)


Lecture 1, Mar 12 Lab 1, Mar 14
Lecture 2, Mar 19 Lab 2, Mar 21
Lecture 3, Mar 26 Lab 3, Mar 28
Lecture 4, Apr 2 Lab 4, Apr 4
Lecture 5, Apr 9 Lab 5, Apr 11
Lecture 6, Apr 16 Lab 6, Apr 18
Lecture 7, Apr 23 Lab 7, Apr 25

General notes

Lists (and hashing)

Searching and Sorting



Objects and Inheritance

mini-Java compiler

Language Issues, C++ Intro, MinGW notes

Some (rather unindexed at the time being) demo programs are here.

The midterm will be towards the end of fifth class, Apr 9. There will be a study guide on Sakai.

The final exam will be Monday, April 30. The study guide will be on Sakai.

Textbooks and other resources (all online). These are all links to the original locations. If you have any difficulties, I can make these available on Sakai, locally.

Languages: You have been studying Java. We will cover the following:


    Here is a short intro to C++.

You should install a C++ compiler. Here are a few options:

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of IDEs. That has more to do with the fact that I don't do a lot of application development, though.